Changing Hard Bargainers into Shapers of the Company

  • Do your buyers need better social skills?
  • Are they all lone wolves?
  • Do they come to you straight out of college, with no clue how things work?
  • Do you want your purchasing staff to think more outside the box?
  • Are your buyers lacking technical knowledge?
  • Are you getting low prices at the expense of the quality of your products?

Numbers, data and facts are not the only factors in purchasing decisions. This is true at both the national and international levels. If today’s buyers are usually seen as driving a hard bargain, it is possible for them to establish a new image in the future and to pool all of their expertise by collaborating with the sales team as ambassadors for their company. This can be done within the company, as well as with customers, suppliers, and partners.

The purchasing department of the future sees the bigger picture: Future buyers don’t just deal with numbers, but with people and the environment. They facilitate good technology, service, and quality.

Would you like your buyers to be your future corporate ambassadors?

Then let’s talk.