Moving from Insular Thinking to Knowledge Management

  • Do your employees lack the interpersonal skills to work well in groups?
  • Are your buyers cracking under pressure?
  • Do your departments have problems interacting with each other?
  • Does your staff have difficulties in handling negotiations?
  • Does your sales department lack knowledge of what’s going on in purchasing?
  • Do your buyers constantly have conflicts with other departments?

Buyers are weaklings: the idea is widespread and often openly expressed. Procurement is massively undervalued. After all, the knowledge and skills involved in purchasing could result in a fantastic margin for the sales team in the next negotiation.

Bringing together purchasing and internal corporate sales sounds unthinkable to many. But it means joining forces that are mutually beneficial, such as skills of many different kinds. It also completely changes their mutual understanding. Once the sales team brings in the next massive deal, neither department will remember how they got by without the other; I can build a bridge between them.

Would you like for your purchasing and sales departments to come to a better agreement, work on their next deal together, and become allies in moving your company forward?

Then let’s talk.