Coaching: When an Unbiased View from the Outside Is Needed to Promote Corporate Success

Turning present-day buyers into future buyers who will shape the company is a process of evolution. No matter how messy the current situation, how inevitable the circumstances, and how impossible the planning, an unbiased outside view can often help. I will meet you at your level as your coach and your sparring partner, to aid you in advancing that evolutionary process.

Coaching will make you aware of your current position in the company: what needs to change so that you can continue to evolve, and what must be done to remedy situations that seem to have become a way of life. I will give you the external view, considering your situation in depth and holding up a mirror. This is not always pleasant, but it offers clarity and puts a focus on what needs to be done.

Through the process, you will experience new strength, courage, openness and respect. I want you to benefit from my deep-rooted expertise in purchasing.