Applause from decision-makers

BME lecture “Presentation skills for Decision-Makers” by Tanja Dammann-Götsch was very well received.

Despite the return of the summer, this Tuesday in Hanau, Germany, many decision-makers wanted to know: What’s this “Presentation skills for Decision-Makers” all about? The Association for Materials Management, Purchasing and Logistics e. V. (BME), BME region Hanau/Main-Kinzig-Kreis/Lower Franconia/Osthessen had been invited to the practical lecture.
The event took place at the premises of the Chamber of Commerce Training Centre of the Hanau-Gelnhausen-Schlüchtern Chamber of Commerce. The speaker, Tanja Dammann-Götsch, is an expert on purchasing in the automotive and supply industry. With her company PURCHASING PARTNER, she coaches executives in the US, Mexico and Europe. The lecture in Hanau focused on the relationships between the purchaser’s own values and successful communication in negotiations. “Those who know themselves and are familiar with their own values and motivations have already laid the foundations for a persuasive presentation. But just knowing yourself is not enough to communicate effectively”, says Tanja Dammann-Götsch. Rather, it is extremely important to also address the main motivations of the other person and to recognise them as soon as possible. Therefore, using the DISG® model, the experienced trainer provided participants with an orientation for self-assessment and for better understanding of negotiating partners. In addition, Tanja Dammann-Götsch presented the DONUTS© method which she has specially developed for purchasing in the automotive industry. The term comes from Formula 1. Here it stands for “victory, best performance and passion”. Taken from this, in Tanja Dammann-Götsch’s view, DONUTS stands for: Development, Power, Energy, Communication, Team and Speed. “All these factors have to be right, in my opinion. Then purchasing switches over to turbo!”, says the speaker. The majority of the participants were enthusiastic about her presentation. The following feedback from a participant is representative of the many positive responses: “Very dynamic and entertaining lecture and hands-on integration of the participants”.

Anyone interested in seminars, coaching or lectures by Tanja Dammann-Götsch can find information on the PURCHASING PARTNER homepage: or request information from


Frau Dammann-Götsch hat bei uns in ihrer hervorragend strukturierten Führungs- und Arbeitsweise den organisationalen Aufbau des Projekteinkaufs Akquise und in dieser...

Global Purchasing Director, Premium Automotive Tier1 Supplier

We would like to thank Tanja very much for all her efforts and indeed throughout the project. Organizing the relation with suppliers, planning trips...

Dr Jerome Bazin

Global Procurement, Global Supply Syngenta Crop Protection AG, Basel Switzerland

В процессе исследования рынка с целью поиска альтернативных поставщиков всех товаров и материалов для авиационной промышленности госпожа...

Евгений Чемниевский

руководитель отдела закупок, IONA KG.

Solo quisiera decirte que aprecio mucho a personas como tú en el mundo. Tu eres capaz de motivar y cambiar la vida de las personas, realmente estoy muy agradecido!!!!

Elivan Niño

Buyer Automotrices Nicaragua

Vielen herzlichen Dank für Ihren Vortrag für BME. Es war soooo motivierend ...

Ludovic Montécot

Program Purchasing Manager Fluid Commodities, Norma Group Holding GmbH, Maintal, Deutschland, Führungskraft

Ich wollte kündigen, aber durch die Module in Ihrem Einkäufertraining hat sich jetzt alles geändert und ich bin froh, dass ich durchgehalten habe.

Anonym da Coaching

Mrs Dammann-Götsch has been able to develop and upgrade my regional buyers to where I expect them to be: senior business partners adding value by procuring...

Global Purchasing Manager, Premium Automotive Tier1 Supplier

Einfach genial – einzigartiges Seminar – jederzeit wieder!" Der Stoff / Das Thema wird auf eine ganz außergewöhnliche Art und Weise dargestellt und bleibt einfach...

Ivonne Schott

Sachbearbeiterin Einkauf/Teamassistentin Michel Bau GmbH, Klingenberg am Main

针对这次公司组织的采购培训,我收获颇丰,培训分为4个模块,每个模块都是相互衔接递进的 ,针对所有的采购新人或者有经验的采购工作者来说,我想说:这次的培训将会让你 更加 系统的 科学的认识自己的谈判对象...

Veronica Gao

Direct Buyer, Shanghai, China

Ms. Tanja Dammann-Götsch was the trainer for our Americas purchasing team of buyers, she provided a week long training in the US and Mexico for 20 buyers. The trainings...

Chip Vogel

Director of Procurement Automotive USA

Tener la experiencia de cómo relacionarte y negociar con otras culturas, ha sido una gran herramienta. Tanja tiene una forma muy profesional...

Lourdes Salguero

Ontological Coach, Mexico-Brazil

Frau Tanja Dammann-Götsch ist eine hervorragende Trainerin und Dozentin mit einer sehr großen Ausstrahlung. Ihre Seminare sind sehr erfolgreich und das...

Kambiz Kiarass

Senior Sales Manager Automotive

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